watching them playing endless.

ShibaCumGMElonKishuTurboAssFlokiMoon Inu derivatives. The dogecoin era is over. It is time for PEPE BNBS to take power.


  • Vision

    PEPEBNBS is here to make meme coins great again.

    $PEPEBNBS to issue, no presale, zero tax, LP burned, contract abandoned, it is forever the people's token.

    Fueled by the sheer power of meme, let $PEPEBNBS show you the way.


    Total :10,000 trillion
    Destruction :5,600 trillion
    Circulation: 4,400 trillion.

    Route map

    Phase 1
    • Name change: BNBS is officially renamed PEPEBNBS, PEPEBNBS will participate in BSC's $1 million contest, we are confident of winning.
    • Community takeover: The current takeover by the community of 11,500 members will further enhance the market's optimism and strengthen investor confidence.
    Phase 2
    • Decentralized governance: Full participation of community members in project decisions.
    • Promotion and development: Promote the promotion and popularity of PEPEBNBS, attract more users to join, and become the king of memes!
    Phase 3
    • PEPEBNBS, let's meet the glorious return and become the king of memes!

    The absurd origins of PEPE

    In a parallel universe, PEPE is no longer just a simple meme, it has become a ridiculous and mysterious cryptocurrency - PEPEBNBS! This absurd PEPE not only swept the Internet, but also swept the cryptocurrency market, leading an unprecedented wave of weirdness.